Agriculture Farm Management

Simply Access, Manage, Monitor from anywhere any time.

Agriculture Farm Management

The software for agricultural farm management lets you quickly organize, track and evaluate all practices on your farm. With a few taps, tillage, planting, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other processes are handled. Plus, for any task, you can monitor input consumption rates, costs and working hours. Start enhancing your productivity now with a knowledge base on recommended practice procedures for over a hundred crops.

Features of our Agriculture Farm Management includes:

Weather Monitoring & Pest Detection: For any sector, get an instant rundown of a 7-day weather forecast or 3-year history. Advanced detection algorithms alert farmers to the danger of insect pests or the emergence of diseases in their fields. Every year, late crop defense claims 20-40% of the yield worldwide. With the aid of automated insect pest and disease risk monitoring, apply on-time defense.

Financial Reports of Farm:

Keep financial reports and documentation for farms in a single location. Track sales, expenditures and investments in resources and assign them to each output of crops. With due date alarms that alert you which incoming and outgoing payments are scheduled so that don't skip your payments.


The Central Staff, Seasonal Employees, Equipment, and Field Register helps you to retain control of your finances. Per warehouse and container, real-time inventory status helps you to escape low inventory bottlenecks and keeps the tasks going smoothly.

Farm Analytics & Reports:

Identify why some crops on some fields grow faster, figure out the exact cost per kg/lb. for each variety per acre, and describe the ROI for each output of crops. You will get all the important details in PDF, Excel or Word formats with built-in reports. Get all the files with a single click, if you want to print weekly activities for each person, write legislative reports or just review your results.

Agriculture Farm Management

Agriculture Farm Management
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